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Steve Yates

Fort Worth, Texas
Grid: EM12


FCC Rules Part 97.3(a)(4): "Amateur service: A radio communication service for the purpose of self-training, intercommunication and technical investigations carried out by amateurs, that is, duly authorized persons interested in radio technique solely with a personal aim and without pecuniary interest."

My Pages:

About AA5TB

Small Transmitting Loop Antennas
T-Monopole Antenna for 20m
The Dipole Antenna
The End Fed Half Wave Length Antenna
How To Make An EFHW Work
QRP EFHW Coupler for 17 through 30m
QRP Mini EFHW Coupler for 17 through 40m
QRO EFHW Coupler for 20 through 40m
QRO EFHW Coupler for 40m Only
Homemade HF Balun
QRP Homemade HF Balun
RG-174/U, A Small Coax for Field Use

Fort Worth Radiometeor Station - NEW!

Ham Radio Accessories
Homemade Antenna Tuner
Homebrew Micro Paddles
Homebrew SGC SG-237 Control Box
QRP Power Meter and Dummy Load
Super CMOS Keyer

Longwave Operations
Ozarkcon 2008 VLF Presentation

Microwave Activities

Military and Government Equipment
RT-1248 WWII UHF Radio
BC-696 Aircraft Transmitter (under construction)
R-1307A/GR Rycom VLF Receiver
PRC-38S QRP HF Portable Transceiver

My Ham Shack

My Photos on flickr

QRP (Low Power) Projects
Austin's Regenerative Receiver
Homebrew Regenerative Receiver
QRP 40m QRPp Transmitter
QRP 40m Rock-Mite Rig
QRP 40m SW-40+ Rig
QRP Afield 2001 Activity
QRP NN1G 30m Rig
PRC-38S QRP HF Portable Transceiver
PRC-38S Field Operations

Radio Recordings
Voyager Aircraft

Space Communications
First Ham In space - W5LFL
Sputnik 41 (RS-18)

Telegraph Keys

Welcome to the Web site of the Radio Station AA5TB. On these pages I try to share with the world some of my amateur (ham) radio activities and projects. This is a great life long hobby. In fact, it has been a major part of my life because it has effected it in so many ways. It has opened a lot of doors for me and exposed me to people and places that would have never been possible otherwise. If you are a new ham, keep in mind that this is a technical hobby as well. Don't be afraid to build something since building is half the fun of this hobby. Even the simplest of projects can be loads of fun and a great learning experience.

Everything on these pages are of my own work unless stated otherwise. I did not design all of the projects but they were fun to build anyway. I've expanded on some of the technical items because at the time I felt that there was not enough information available to explain the subject matter completely and after much experimentation and study I decided to put all of the information in one place. I don't claim to be an expert in anything but I do have a lot real life experience with some of the subject matter. However, please do your own research before taking what I say as absolute fact. I do try to provide some references at the bottom of my pages when possible.

I am in the process of updating all of my Web pages to bring them a little closer to the twenty first century so please pardon the frequent changes. I don't have a lot of fancy pages because I prefer to keep my pages fast rather then flashy.

I try to respond to all of the e-mails that I get but since my Web pages get over 600 hits a day I am not always able to do so in a timely manner. Please don't be offended if you don't hear back from me. Sometimes messages just get lost in my mailbox.

I hope you enjoy my pages and thank you.

Mini Rear
Motor On...

On line since July, 1998

Last Updated August 10, 2013

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